TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Best Friend (2023)

Trisha (Serayah, Empire) and Jamie (Marques Houston) have been best friends since grade school — he saved her from a boy who just wouldn’t leave her alone and then has always been there to rescue her, even through college and into their professional lives in marketing — but have never been anything more than friends. This changes when she starts hanging around one of their potential clients. She isn’t feeling it — the guy seems creepy — but when he dies the day after one of their dates and the cops find out he was poisoned, Trish and Jamie begin to question one another. Is he stalking her? Is she playing him? And how about all the I Heart Radio references in this movie? Did they pay for them?

Director and writer Chris Stokes — who also made the Tubi originals The Assistant, The Stepmother, The Stepmother 2 and Howard High — keeps making these Tubi movies and I keep watching them. The more I watch them, the more I wonder if I should expand giallo into the urban theater? Seriously, this has pretty much all of it — red herrings, fashion, sex, past trauma — and maybe these movies have hip hop instead of Goblin. It’s a theory that I’ve never seen anyone get into before and one worth exploring.

Oh yeah — the antagonist in this is awesome. No spoilers.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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