JESS FRANCO MONTH: Elles font tout (1979)

Three couples have rooms at the Free Love Hotel: a short man and a tall woman who have met through the personal ads of a porn magazine, a shy man with a domineering wife and a couple on their honeymoon. The ladies are all unfulfilled but the hotel can take care of that with room service, so to speak, but the best help comes from Nina (Lina Romay), an adult star staying in the hotel while practicing a role for a movie.

Directed by Jess Franco and written by Franco, producer Robert de Nesle and Lucette Gaudiot, this movie may seem familiar to you. That’s because Franco remade it as El hotel de los ligues four years later.

Beyond Lina — performing as Candy Coster — there’s also Aida Vargas (who appears in four other Franco movies, Cocktail spécialJe brûle de partoutSwedish Nympho Slaves and Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun), Susan Hemmingway (Sinfonia EroticaTwo Female Spies With Flowered Panties), Martine Fléty (Blue Rita), Beni Touxa (Cocktail spécial) and Marina Hedman (Satan’s Baby DollErotico 2000Images In a ConventPlay Motel).

You just have to decide if you want to see the adult version of this story, which would be this movie, or the softer one, which is El hotel de los ligues.

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