JESS FRANCO MONTH: Cocktail spécial (1978)

Jess Franco already made Eugenie…The Story of Her Journey Into Perversion and How to Seduce a Virgin, which are pretty much the same movie based on the same De Sade story. Those were made in 1970 and 1974, but by 1978, hardcore porn was legal and making money. And Franco had just stopped working with Erwin C. Dietrich. Despite making sixteen movies that did pretty well for the Swedish impresario, Franco was poor. And if it takes sex to make money, well, there you go, and Franco was back working for Marius Lesoeur and Robert de Nesle.

Martine de Bressac (Aida Vargas) and her brother Christian (Mel Rodrigo) have a major thing for Eugenie (Beni Touxa). Martine is able to take the girl thanks to the relationship she has with her father Raymond (Jean Perrat). In case you think that Franco is going to half step here the movie was originally called Le goût de sperm before censors had to get involved. Yes, a title so rough that censors had to stop a hardcore porn movie and change its name. So yeah — the movie has an initiation that involves Eugenie drinking a cocktail made with alcohol and some very Jess Franco bodily fluids.

It’s also a movie that ends with a masked bacchanalia that ends when Eugenie happily realizes that she’s servicing her own father.

It also has a Daniel White and Jess Franco song that has the words, “The taste, the taste, the taste of your sperm.”


Eugenie…The Story of Her Journey Into Perversion is pretty much a classic, when it comes to Franco, and How to Seduce a Virgin is pretty well made. Those movies may have been forever ago compared to this.

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