The Last Deal (2023)

Directed and written by Jonathan Salemi, this is about what happens to dealers with marijuana becomes legal. Vince (Anthony Molinari) can’t get his license and starts to lose money, so much that he can worries that he’s about to lose anything. He and his friend Bobby (Mister Fitzgerald) decide to make one last deal, but the criminals they’re working with steal all the weed, which leaves them in debt to the Boss (Sala Baker), a man who he borrowed a hundred grand from and also the maniac who demands his money in a week and then kills Bobby.

Based on a true story and shot during the pandemic, The Last Deal is a gritty take on the crime genre. This film literally had a lower budget than most major Hollywood action films spend on a half day of craft services and ends up working. That’s due to how good Molinari is at his role, a normal guy forced into a fight that he has no chance of winning and worrying that he has a baby on the way with his girlfriend Tabitha ((Jeffri Lauren). Now she and his friends are also targeted, so he has to do whatever he can to survive.

You can learn more about The Last Deal at the official website.

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