The Way Out (2023)

In this movie by director and writer Barry Jay, we meet Alex (Jonny Beauchamp), whose teen years of parental sexual abuse have turned him into someone who only finds help at the bottom of the bottle. Yet he is working to fix his life, thanks to his friend Gracie (Ashleigh Murray) and sponsor Veronica (Sherri Shepherd).

He decides that he wants to reconnect with his father, despite everything that happened, and forgive him. Yet when he enters the house, his father has been murdered. He inherits his old house but soon learns that it’s too expensive to keep. That’s when he meets Shane (Mike Manning), a personal trainer who begins to change his body, as well as how he feels about himself and his sexuality. As he starts to open up and realize that he’s gay, he also finds himself pulling away from his AA group and Gracie. Then, the movie asks us — what if Shane was the wrong person for Alex?

I really dug what this movie was going for. It’s nearly a gay version of a Lifetime thriller and I say that with all the best of meanings. There’s so much that feels unexpected here and I really enjoyed it.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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