JESS FRANCO MONTH: Die Sklavinnen (1977)

At this point, Jess Franco was making movies like Women in Prison, Barbed Wire Dolls and Ilsa the Wicked Warden that have a similar story and interchangeable actresses and acts of depravity.

This time, Madame Arminda (Lina Romay) has been sent to prison but is broken out by the rich businessman Radeck (Vítor Mendes), awhose daughter Martine (Martine Stedil) has been kidnapped. Radeck thinks Arminda is behind it all, so his assistant (Franco) tries to kink the truth out of her, but she won’t crack.

This time around, things take on an almost noir feel as the truth is that Arminda and Martine were lovers until drugs made her forget her past and work in the brother, thinking that she’s a slave, and then a rival gang kidnaps her, so Radeck kidnaps their leader Ebenholz and gets Arminda to torture him and then, well…look, it’s like Shakespeare. Everyone dies.

There was no money anyways. And Radeck didn’t even love his daughter. So why were we even here?

Another Franco movie made for Swiss producer Erwin C. Dietrich, this is also known as Swedish Nympho Slaves, which is a title that demands that you watch this movie. I really wonder about this period in Franco’s filmmaking, because so many of these movies feel like they’re stitced together from other movies and shoots that had no purpose. That’s because that’s totally how they were made.

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