Ghost Story: Episode 7 “Half a Death”

Christina has always wanted to meet her twin sister Lisa (both are played by Pamela Franklin from And Soon the Darkness and The Legend of Hell House), but Lisa dies before that can happen. And now, she keeps seeing visions of her rising from an open grave to call out to her in the night.

Then her father dies and her mother (Eleanor Parker, The Sound of Music) takes up with a neighbor way too quickly. So Lisa’s haunting grows more horrifying, reminding her of the asylum-trapped other side of herself that she has never even seen in person before. And as twins share one soul, she begins to believe that Lisa is offering her an early death to take away her ennui, a half a death to make their souls whole once more.

This episode comes from Batman TV and Fathom director Leslie H. Martinson, with a script by Richard Matheson and Henry Slesar, whose career was mainly in TV anthologies like The Twilight ZoneAlfread Hitchcock Presents and Tales of the Unexpected. He also wrote Two On a Guillotine and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. movie One of Our Spies Is Missing.

It’s not the Ghost Story/Circle of Fear episode that I would choose to show the best of this series with someone that had never seen it before, but it’s not particularly bad. It has some moody graveyard scenes and eerie moments, but the series can and will have better stories to tell.

You can watch this on YouTube.

One thought on “Ghost Story: Episode 7 “Half a Death”

  1. Henry Slesar was a terrific writer. He also wrote the story that formed the basis of Terror from the Year 5,000 (1958), which I always thought had an ingenious plot (someone should remake it), and the woefully underrated Murders in the Rue Morgue (1971). He was also head writer on one of the best soap operas ever, The Edge of Night.


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