JESS FRANCO MONTH: El hotel de los ligues (1983)

What gets confusing about the world of Jess Franco is wondering if you’ve seen a movie before. Could it be the ones that have multiple edits, both mainstream and adult? The similar plotlines? Or how about when he remakes his films more than a few times?

This is Elles Font Tout but less adult but no less filthy. Much like that adult film, three couples come to a resort hoping to work through their sexual issues. What they get is Lina Romay — sorry Candy Coster — as Eva Bombón, a porn star ready to show them how to do it right. And sing songs. And have more than enough energy for like three movies like this yet because everything else is so sluggish, she alone is the reason to keep watching.

There’s also a scene where Candy looks directly at the camera and confesses that she has nymphomania and I wonder, was this for the benefit of the audience, Jess, her or all of the above? Because moments later, she’s under a table at breakfest, satisfying every single one of the hapless couples and fluffing them enough that they can all go back upstairs and make decent love, but of course, not the shining sex that she always has.

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