Free to a Bad Home (2023)

Directed and written by Cameron and Scott Hale, Free to a Bad Home is an anthology about a box filled with cursed objects including a ring that gets passed from person to person, starting with Amy (Miranda Nieman) has lost her husband and found a drinking problem. Then it’s found by Ryan (Jake C. Young), who breaks into a house where he finds a safe he can’t open. In the next room, a woman is chained up. She promises to unlock the safe if he lets her loose. Except that, well, she wants to kill the family next door when she gets free. Then it makes its way to his sister Julia (Olivia Dennis) goes to a drug-filled Halloween party that gets much, much worse.


There are some pacing issues in this movie, but for a low budget, it does a lot right. The color and cinematography of the last sequence are great. And obviously the Hale brothers aren’t just trying to make the same streaming horror anthology that everyone else is making. Here’s hoping that the things they have learned in this film allow them to create something even better after this. Also: eyedropper drugs seem horrifying.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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