APRIL MOVIE THON DAY 14: Le porte dell’inferno (1989)

Dr. Johns (Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Emanuelle in BangkokWar of the Planets) has spent 78 days in a hole and set a record, but now he’s claiming that everyone will die if they come down to rescue him.

Umberto Lenzi directed five movies in 1989 and of those, this is the weakest (in case you want to know, I’d rank the others in this order: Nightmare BeachHitcher In the DarkHouse of Witchcraft AKA Ghosthouse 4 and House of Lost Souls/AKA Ghosthouse 3). Maybe he was beyond busy, so busy that he thought no one would noticed if this movie was endless cave exploration and the end from Nightmare City.

Maybe he really loved his wife Olga Pehar and wanted to encourage her as this was her first script. She’d go on to write Hitcher In the DarkAfter the Condor, Karate RockBlack DemonsHunt for the Golden ScorpionNavigators of the Space and Karate Warrior 3 – 5.

I really wanted to love this movie. It has caves, it has gore, it has Lenzi. That said, he made some other movies that I’d totally recommend, such as OrgasmoSo Sweet…So Perverse, A Quiet Place to KillSpasmoGhosthouseCannibal FeroxSeven Blood-Stained Orchids and Oasis of Fear.

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