APRIL MOVIE THON DAY 14: Diabolicamente… Letizia (1975)

Sure, it translates as Diabolically… Letizia, but Sex, Demons and Death is a way better title.

Marcello (Gabriele Tinti, one-time husband of Laura Gemser; he’s in Endgame) and Micaela (Magda Konopka, Blindman) haven’t been able to have children. While Marcello wants to go to Switzerland, she decides to just have her niece Letizia (Franca Gonella, Revelations of a Psychiatrist on the World of Sexual Perversion) stay with them instead. This sounds like a bad idea even without the possession part of the deal.

Before you know it, she’s frightening their servant Giovanni (Gianni Dei, Patrick Still Lives) by appearing as a red demon, making out with the maid Luisella (Karen Fiedler, Last Harem) starting with psychically rubbing her face with toast and getting biblical with her own aunt. She’s also nearly a thirty-something teenager.

So imagine — some parts giallo, some parts The Exorcist and all the sleaze that Italy can sweat up.

Director Salvatore Bugnatelli only made seven movies, five from 1975-1989 — Excuse Me Padre, Are You HornyMizzzzica… ma che è proibitissimo?  (Mizzzzica…But What Is Prohibited?), Racconto immorale (Immoral Tale); Intimo profondo (Deep Underwear) and this movie — before coming back in 2006 to direct 80 Italian sexy models and Diario segreto di un feticista (Secret Diary of a Fetishist). It was co-written with Lorenzo Artale, who also did the dialogue for The Beast In Heat, which is the part where I said, “Oh, this makes sense.”

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