BRUNO MATTEI WEEK: Blindman (1971)

Man, I have a big affection for Tony Anthony thanks to his ability to knock out really strange Italian westerns like Get Mean and Comin’ at Ya! Little did I know that he also made a remix of Zatoichi in the American west.

Fifty mail-order brides have been kidnapped by bandits and the blind man who was hired to get them across the country, Ciego (Anthony) is on his way to get them back.

Candy, one of the villains in this, is played by Ringo Starr. Wait, Ringo? Dude, did any of The Beatles have a more interesting few years? Paul went into Wings, George was all into religion, John stayed in bed and Ringo was out and about making movies with Freddie Francis, Terry Southern, Ferdinando Baldi, Frank Zappa and Mae West.

The real bad guys are Domingo (Lloyd Battista, who wrote this movie, as well as nearly all of Anthony’s Italian cowboy films) and his sister Sweet Mama (Magda Konopka, who played Satanik), who have taken the women so that they can try and take out a general (Raf Baldassarre, who was in both of Luigi Cozzi’s Hercules movies).

Shirley Corrigan from Crimes of the Black Cat, Carla Brait from Torso, Malisa Longo from Helga She Wolf of Stilberg, Krista Nell from So Sweet, So Dead, Solvi Stubing from Strip Nude for Your Killer, Karin Skarreso from LSD Flesh of the Devil, Janine Reynaud from Kiss Me Monster, Diana Lorys from Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll, Lucretia Love from Enter the Devil, Mirta Miller from Eyeball and Elena Veronese from The Police Are Blundering In the Dark are all in this. Wow!

Ringo even recorded a theme song for this movie that wasn’t used. It’s in the b-side of his single for “Back Off Boogaloo.”

According to Anthony, his friend Frank Wolff (Death Walks on High Heels) wanted the role of Candy as he had already played against Anthony in A Stranger In Town. Allen Klein — yeah, the same guy who was the reason we had to wait forever to get El Topo and The Holy Mountain released on blu ray — wanted Ringo, who wanted to go into acting after the breakup of the Fab Four. Wolff stopped his friendship with Anthony and killed himself shortly after this film was made.

You know whose name doesn’t show up in the credits? Bruno Mattei. Yet on several sites, I’ve seen claims that he helped direct this movie. I still haven’t found any info, but if anything, I’d assume he did some editing or second unit work. Does anyone out there know?


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