LSD Flesh of the Devil (1967)

ECHO and Mr. X want to take over the world with LSD. LSD is back, people. It’s bad!

To get to that part of the story, we have to go back to when our hero, Rex Miller (Guy Madison, TV’s Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok) used a toy car and a blow gun to kill two adult men in front of a little girl. Normally, that would send you to some kind of juvenille faciity but Rex ended up becoming a spy.

Before you can say Merry Pranksters, army regiments are getting dosed, which means they start praying, hugging one another and throwing down their weapons. Something has to be done about this if we want to fight the Red Menace!

Mr. X’s goal is to stop  dividing people and to create a Utopia. So, you know, he’s the bad guy.

This is the first Massimo Mida movie I watched. It wasn’t all that great, except for the insane moments that just burst out of nowhere, like a man being burned alive in front of your eyes. Then, after thinking the movie will be good, fight scenes happen without seeing any of the punches and numerous people just stand around. Honestly, the fight scene at an hour and three minutes in is one of the most ineptly shot things I’ve ever seen, which makes me want to watch this movie all over again.

You can see it for free on YouTube. I even found it for you.

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