BRUNO MATTEI WEEK: Desire (1990)

By the 1990’s, Bruno Mattei was just churning out softcore films that would get picked up for foreign countries, often appearing on rental shelves and late at night on cable networks like Cinemax.

This one was written by the team of Franco Gaudenzi (his only writing credit; he mostly stuck to producing films like Shocking DarkRobowar and Night Killer) and Troll 2 scribe Rossella Drudi. It tells the story of Jessica Harrison (Josie Bisset, who was in stuff like this and Hitcher in the Dark before finding fame on Melrose Place), who has come to Vienna for a music competition.

She falls in love with two men, Luca Renosto (Cort McCown from Joe D’Amato’s 11 Days 11 Nights Part 3 and Deep Blood) and Alvise Contarini (Peter Marc Jacobson, who somehow went from being in movies like this to creating The Nanny) and horizontal hijinks ensue.

This one definitely played on Cinemax After Dark, so if you’re nostalgic for the soft-focus softcore films of the pre-internet era, you can find this one in the dark corners of the web where even a Bruno Mattei movie can feel strangely innocent.

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