BRUNO MATTEI WEEK: Innamorata (1995)

In Love is the last of three movies that Bruno Mattei anonymously directed for Ninì Grassia, who used the name Anthony Gray and took the credit.

Also known as Malù Innamorata, as Ileana Carisio — the former adult star known as Ramba using the name Malù — stars in this as well as The Surrogate, this story concentrates on Carlo Belleri (Antonio Zequila, who is in so many of these Mattei softcore movies) who lives with Marisa (Valeria Favaro, whose entire career was in this movie and Gatta alla Pari, also by Mattei and Grassia) and his brother Nino (Saverio Vallone, Antropophagus), who just can’t figure out women. Not even their niece Giusy (Malù) can figure out how to get the kid horizontal.

With help from Marco the gardener (Carlo Granchi, Madness) and some camping tourists, including Irina Sidorovskaia from Breakfast with Dracula — it happens. If you thought Italian sex comedies ended in the 70s, well — this movie was made in 1995.

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