An Ideal Place to Kill (1971)

Dick Butler (Ray Lovelock, The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue) and Ingrid Sjorman (Ornella Muti, Flash Gordon) are trying to enjoy their own summer of love, travelling through Italy and paying for it with porn magazines and nudes of Ingrid. Then they get busted by the cops. Then they get robbed by a biker gang. Then they get mistaken for crooks. They’re on the run, out of gas and running out of options.

Also known as Oasis of FearDeadly TrapDirty Pictures and Love Stress in Japan, this Umberto Lenzi giallo is all about what happens next.

Soon, our hapless couple has found their way to the home of bored middle-class housewife Barbara Slater (Irene Papas, Don’t Torture a Duckling). She’s up for some sexual shenigans, potentially with both of them, but she’s also way smarter than either of our teenagers realize.

In the book Blood and Black Lace: The Definitive Guide to Italian Sex and Horror Movies, Lenzi claimed that he had trouble getting Papas to participate in the threesome scene. What he had no trouble with was getting Lovelock’s help in capturing the free spirit of 1971, as he sings the theme “How Can You Live Your Life?” and rocks out some amazing clothes, including the Union Jack jacket that appears on the poster for the Oasis of Fear release of this movie.

Beyond a brand new 2k restoration in English and Italian, the new Mondo Macabro release of this film features roy Howarth and Nathaniel Thompson commentary, an archival interview with Umberto Lenzi, deleted x-rated scenes (they’re basically photos inside the magazines that Dick and Ingrid sell) and the original Italian trailer.

This movie was shot in the same home as Fulci’s Perversion Story and Argento’s The Cat O’Nine Tails. I have no idea where they got the matching white bellbottom outfits or the yellow old school car that they covered in flower stickers.

While not a top tier giallo, this is still a quick watch packed with plenty of twists. Don’t get it confused with A Quiet Place to Kill. We’ll be getting to that one soon enough.

You can get this from Mondo Macabro, who were kind enough to send us a copy.

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