GREGORY DARK WEEK: Street Justice (1990)

Good Lord, this movie.

Wings Hauser is a typically out of his mind Wings Hauser, playing Sergeant Arliss Ryder, who is transformed into a cyborg killed machine and joins Captain Bill Quinton’s (Alex Cord,  AirwolfChosen Survivors) Strike S.Q.U.A.D. (Scum Quelling Assault Urban Division), a special team of cops who have all been implanted with similar technology that makes them immoral criminal killing machines that also want to have sex with anything and everything — all created by candidate for mayor and secret BDSM* fan Jim Miller (played by one-time Watergate burglar and jail rat eater G. Gordon Liddy).

I mean, I’m already in. Can it get better?

You better believe it.

Sy Richardson (Repo Man) plays Sgt. Joker, a constantly laughing cop who must molest every criminal, while Brion James is Reverend Mony, a street preacher who screams about the evils of sex and roasts a pimp alive as part of a sermon. Cops jerk off their guns when they’re not murdering perps and all is well in this insane slice of Gregory Dark-directed madness.

I can’t believe this movie exists and I am beyond happy that I have watched it.

You can watch this on YouTube.

*The two worlds of late night cable softcore cross over as the dom is played by Roberta Vasquez, who was Pantera in Andy Sidaris’ Picasso Trigger, as well as his films Guns, Do or Die, Hard Hunted and Fit to Kill. A former California state trooper, she was also the Playboy November 1984 Playmate of the Month. This proves that the worlds of light and shadow can come together to make, well, soft focus lovemaking.

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