Jurassic Dead (2017)

Jurassic Dead one sheet

Back in March, we covered Jurassic Thunder, another film that was directed by Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick. They also made Tsunambee, which we covered earlier this week. Obviously, we’re going to watch every movie that these guys put out.

Dr. Wojick Borge has had enough of being made fun of. So he signs up with the Axis of Evil to destroy America with a series of mad scientist weapons like a gas that turns people into zombies and EMP blasts. But that’s not enough. No, he has to live up to the title of this movie by unleashing an undead T-Rex called…the Z-Rex.

There are plenty of bullets fired, bodies devoured and zombies walking about. Imagine a sub-Shocking Dark and you have a good idea of this movie. (Yeah, we did an exploring feature on the works of Bruno Mattei. You know it! So, yeah, we dig Milko just like ‘ol Bruno.)

The VOD stream on Amazon is gone, but it’s still available as a free-with-ads stream on Tubi.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by Wild Eye Releasing.

Update: Do you want to be a part of a Milko flick? In November 2021, Team Milko launched a Kickstarter campaign for the production and release of his next film, Phantom Patrol.

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