Tsunambee (2020)

If you’re in the market for an Asylum-styled Christian disaster flick, you just found it. And, as with most Christian flicks, the bible is interpreted — literally.

Well, okay. Maybe not literally.

There’s no mention of bees in The Book of Revelation (9:3-10 displays as an opening title card), but locusts. But who cares!? Let’s have some B-Movie fun! We dug Ants on a Plane, right? Throw your inhibitions for schlock cinema to the wind and just thank the Lord that John of Patmos didn’t interpret his future-visions of battle helicopters (at least according to dispensationalist Hal Lindsey) as sharks. And besides, we already had sharks doin’ da portmanteau waltz with earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, and tsunamis in the mockbuster wastelands.

So . . . hell has literally broken loose all over the world in the form of unexplainable “9-11-styled” attacks . . . meanwhile, deep in the jungles of Namibia, some entomologists discover a new hybrid of giant bees makin’ honey. Yep, nature is ready to run amok . . . right into a disaster flick.

Cut to Los Angeles: We have a trio of gang members fleeing the wastelands of La La Land. And they have a roadside showdown with two bible-thumpin’ n’ gun totin’ desert rednecks and a female sheriff. The mixed-bag sextet isolate themselves, George Romero-style, in the remote farmhouse of a god-fearing father and his “anointed daughter.” And yes, some zombies, well, if we portmanteau it, “ZomBees” created by bee-stings, do show up along the way.

And did you know the “ZomBee” plague was foretold by the book of Daniel 12:5?

“The multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: Some to everlasting life; others to disgrace and shame.”

See? It pays to know your bible.

Tsunambee was originally released in 2015 as Tsunambee: The Wrath Cometh, and received a truncated title and new artwork for its VOD reboot. Directors and writers Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick also collectively brought us The Jurassic Dead, Jurssaic Thunder. Davis made his debut with Raiders of the Damned.

As long as you give Davis and Martwick a wide berth and realize this was their debut feature film, and consider we had a fun time watching their most recent effort, Jurassic Thunder, you’ll have fun streaming their latest VOD offering as a free-with-ads flick on Tubi. Don’t want the ads? Stream it on Amazon.

Disclaimer: This was sent to us by Wild Eye Releasing.

Update: Do you want to be a part of a Milko flick? In November 2021, Team Milko launched a Kickstarter campaign for the production and release of his next film, Phantom Patrol.

About the Author: You can visit R.D Francis on Facebook. He also writes for B&S About Movies.

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