Kickstarter Release Campaign: Phantom Patrol from writer-director Milko Davis (2022)

Phantom Patrol is a nostalgic story about two security guards who inadvertently release ghosts, goblins, and other phantasms into New York City from a secret, underground facility. With the help of two kids, the ragtag team becomes the only hope to stop the paranormal breakout.

Self-made, indie filmmaker Milko Davis is part of that new digital streaming vanguard we jam on here at B&S About Movies: Davis has that Dennis Devine and Brett Piper thing goin’ on that we love amid the cubicle farms along the muddy river waters of the ol’ Allegheny. If you’ve read the two “Drive-In Friday” features we’ve done on Dennis and Brett (and our reviews of several Polonia Brothers and Brett Kelly flicks along the way), well, then, you’ll have a good idea on how we feel about Team Milko.

That “team” is already ten films deep — with two shorts and eight features — of which we reviewed their three best-distributed films: Tsunambee, Jurassic Dead and Jurassic Thunder. He made his debut in 2007 with the Richard Grieco-starring Raiders of the Damned.

The Old . . .

Well, we are pleased to announce that, in addition to going into pre-production on films nine and ten: the oozing ’80s VHS retro-romps Killer Witches from Outer Space and ROT Squad — both expected by October of next year, Milko Davis has just completed film number eight: Phantom Patrol. And Milko Davis is asking indie horror and sci-fi fans for help to get the film out to the masses.

Milko’s Armageddon Films is self-distributing Phantom Patrol straight to Bluray and Vimeo On Demand (via your Desktop Browser, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast). You can learn more about the production and how you can contribute to the film at the film’s official Kickstarter page. (Update: The current campaign has closed, but stayed tuned for another funding drive in the near future. You can still visit the page for film information.)

You can also learn more at the official Facebook page for Armageddon Films.

Currently in production . . .

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