Jurassic Thunder (2019)

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A covert desert base manned by an elite group of commandos and weaponized dinosaurs are all that stand between us and World War III. You have no idea how much I loved every single second of this ridiculous movie. If I was 7, I would be driving my family insane talking about it incessantly. As it is, I’m 47 and plan on doing the same.

This movie comes from Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick, who were also behind the films The Jurassic Dead and Tsunambee. Davis made his debut with Raiders of the Damned.

Between an opening joke that refers to their audio as ZHX — Zombie instead of the T in THX — and a comic book opening that makes fun of probably everyone that’s watching this movie, this is a down and dirty blast of fun. Go Team Milko!

Jurassic Thunder is available on demand and on DVD March 10, 2020 from High Octane Pictures. Since its VOD debut on Amazon, you can now watch it as a free-with-ads stream on Tubi.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR team, which has no bearing on our review.

Update: Do you want to be a part of a Milko flick? In November 2021, Team Milko launched a Kickstarter campaign for the production and release of his next film, Phantom Patrol.

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