Darkness Reigns (2020)

Dario Argento’s Demons meets The Blair Witch Project as the movie about a real life haunted hotel (ala The Overlook Hotel from The Shining) turns into a “real movie” via its behind-the-scenes documentary footage.

As Darkness Reigns unfolds, we meet documentary filmmaker Daniel Whitaker (filming himself via smartphone, of course) on the way to host the premiere of his documentary Darkness Reigns — his movie about the failure of Defantus Soul, a Casper Van Diem-starring horror film shot in a real haunted hotel. The original intent of Whitaker’s documentary was to include it as a behind-the-scene vignette-extra on the eventual DVD/Blu-ray of Defantus Soul.

But since the director sold his soul to The Devil to be a successful filmmaker, the demon haunting the hotel seals it off, and kills Casper with a push off the mezzanine. The “deal” was to spook everyone and Daniel would film “real ghosts.” Of course The Devil reneges on the deal and kills everyone. And Daniel got what he wanted: he’s famous and Darkness Reigns is the most-talked about movie in the world. And now a documentary is being filmed about him and his movie.

Yeah, The Devil’s a dick when he needs to be.

Now, the caveat: If you learned your lesson from your steady diet of Nicolas Cage (Arsenal), Eric Roberts (Lone Star Deception), and Tom Sizemore (Zyzzyx Road) movies, you know you get a little bit o’ Casper and a whole lot of everybody else. But what little Casper we do get, he’s a real sport playing up himself as possessed by a demon.

Darkness Reigns is the third feature film by longtime documentary and reality TV purveyor Andrew P. Jones, who made his fictional film debut with the urban drama Kings of the Evening (2008) and Haunting of Cellblock 11 (2014). So, based on his experience, you go in knowing he brings a level of quality to the table that’s a head above most of the direct-to-video horrors in the streaming marketplace.

Wild Eye Releasing now offers Darkness Reigns as a free-with-ads stream on TubiTv.

Disclaimer: The was sent to us by the film’s PR firm.

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