The Sisterhood (1988)

Cirio H. Santiago, so many of your movies have crossed my path. You pretty much owned the market when it came to post-apocalyptic films made in the Phillipines, thanks to movies like Raiders of the SunDune WarriorsEqualizer 2000Wheels of Fire and Stryker. (And we can’t forget the majesty that is Firecracker and the Jaws rip, Demon of Paradise.)

Now, you’ve taken the end of the world to its logical extreme: women against everybody.

We don’t have much time until 2021 AD. That’s when women will be enslaved by men after a nuclear war. Luckily, The Sisterhood will be ready to protect them. They start the movie by kicking the asses of Mikal (Chuck Wagner, who is also in America 3000 and was Automan) and his men.

The Sisterhood also rescues Marya (Lynn-Holly Johnson, For Your Eyes Only), whose family was killed by the aforementioned Mikal. The two members who save her are Alee (former Breck girl Rebecca Holden) and Vera (Barbara Patrick, Lord of Illusions). If her last name seems familiar, that’s because she was Barbara Hooper before getting married to T-1000 himself, Robert Patrick.

Each of the members of this female fighting force have super powers and Marya’s is the abolity to speak with her hawk, making her a distant relative of Marc Singer. Alee can shoot lasers out of her eyes. Vera can heal people with a touch. Throw in the religious nature of the Sisterhood — they’re led by the mysterious ghost known as Reverend Mother — and you have a movie that is the needle in the end of the world haystack.

Now, they must battle their way through a city filled with evil men, ruled by Lord Barak, who is played by Robert Dryer, who caused big issues for Linda Blair in Savage Streets.

During the swordfights in this, Holly-Johnson cut off a stuntman’s finger. Do you now realize the immense pressure and danger people went through to entertain you with these post-apocalyptic pictures?

There’s also a character named Dynamite Willie who keeps the peace at his bar by lighting sticks of dynamite and yelling as loudly as possible. He might be the best part of this movie.

Also, this is one of the lone films where one of the bad guys learns a lesson and changes his ways, which is incredibly forward thinking for a Phillipines made, Roger Corman produced Mad Max ripoff filled with bare breasts and cars with rocket launchers on them.

You can watch this for free on Tubi.

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