Reign of Chaos (2022)

Reign of Chaos sounds like a pretty metal title and when you learn that three women descended from the goddess Nike are battling a dark lord named Chaos (Mark Sears) and all of humanity — who are now rabid — well, that sounds just about right.

Producer Scott Jeffrey (Jurassic Island, Exorcist Vengeance), director Rebecca Matthews (Hatched) and writer Tom Jolliffe (Witches of Amityville Academy) have been releasing seemingly a streaming movie every month, but by and large I’ve enjoyed their films.

This one, well…

Rhodi (Peter Cosgrove, The Curse of Halloween JackWinterskin) must bring together Lindsay (Georgia Wood, The Bad Nun), Nicole (Rebecca Finch, Shadowland) and Alina (Rita Di Tuccio, The Mummy Reborn) to be a fighting force against the forces of the dead who are known as the Joiners. Except, you know, there are still gyms open in the end times. Even Planet Fitness shut down for the pandemic.

There are also stores that sell Matrix-style tight-fitting body suits to potential world-saving superheroines. Capitalism must never die.

I’ve seen lots of comments in reviews about the budget of this, but what do you expect? There’s an audience for these low spend direct to streaming films and more often than not, it’s me. If it’s you, you already know what to expect.

Just because the world is ending doesn’t mean we can’t have a training montage.

Reign of Chaos is now available from Left Films.

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