The Mummy Reborn (2019)

Remember when that Universal Dark Universe of their horror movie properties was going to happen? Ah, sadness. To fill the void of mummies, here’s Dan Allen and Scott Jeffrey (The Unhinged) with their film, The Mummy Reborn.

A group of teens in financial ruin decide that they’re going to steal an ancient amulet from an antique store that’s going out of business. However, it comes from a cursed tomb and the mummy will do anything to get it back.

Keep in mind, this is the first mummy movie I’ve seen start with a quote from Kanye West.

Tina’s mom is dead, leaving her with a mortgage and a mentally challenged brother named Max. The aforementioned antique store where she works is closing. And her boyfriend Luke has a plan: steal the mummy that for some reason is in the shop and get the jewel from it to make money.

At one point, this is a serious and sad film. And in others, it’s ripping off lines from Snakes on a Plane and having characters able to read subtitles as if they were truly there. To say that it jumps around a lot is like saying mummies are wrapped up.

I really wanted to like this. There are some fun parts once it stops being so serious and the mood breaks to even feel like an anime. But it takes so long to get there. Yet it’s still better than that Tom Cruise mummy movie, which is faint praise.

The Mummy Reborn is available on VOD and DVD from High Octane Pictures.

NOTE: We were sent this movie by its PR team and that has no bearing on our review.

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