The Mummy Rebirth (2019)

Two treasure hunters have uncovered a sealed tomb, awakening a mummy that has waited centuries to return and bring about Armageddon. Now, they must race against time to stop that evil mummy and his creatures from destroying the entire world.

Basically — if you miss the 1990s mummy movies — good news.

We watched The Mummy Reborn a few months back, but this film has nothing to do with that one. No, this is a whole new take on mummies.

It’s directed by Justin Price, who also wrote the film, and Khu, who acted in and produced The 13th Friday. They’re also listed on IMDB as working on a movie called Pharoahs, which has several of the same actors playing the same roles, so one assumes that that will be a sequel to this film.

Noe (who is played by Carter, a single named actor in a movie directed by a single named director) and Daniella (Brittany Goodwin, who has a Lara Croft outfit that looks way better than any on-screen Lara Croft before) are Indiana Jones-style archaeologists who get mixed up in this whole adventure and the dealing between Egyptians Sebek and Reheema.

Throw in a CGI Sphinx in the middle of the fake desert and a CGI monster that looks like what pharoahs would have made if they liked the fat new American Godzilla and you have a movie. There’s some market somewhere for these, because I keep getting them, so if you like knockoffs of twenty year old genre films, I guess there’s something for you here. I just don’t know why they didn’t hire Brandon Fraser, that guy has to be ready to work for scale by this point.

The Mummy Rebirth is available on DVD and On Demand on August 13.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie by its PR team. That was no bearing on our review.

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