Jurassic Island (2022)

Scott Jeffrey has also produced Dinosaur Hotel and Hatched, so he’s back with another low budget dinosaur adventure, Jurassic Island, which is directed by Dominic Ellis who also wrote the script with Tom Jolliffe.

After returning from a mission, special forces agent Ava (Sarah T. Cohen) discovers that her archeologist parents (Tony Goodall, Nicola Wright) have finally found the island that her grandfather had gone missing on decades ago and now, they’ve followed his lead, because they’re gone. She heads off for a rescue mission along wityh her fellow soldier/boyfriend Luke, a paleobotanist named Cassie and Tommy while renting a yacht to the island of, well, look, it’s jurassic island, so I’m not spoiler anything by telling that there are dinosaurs there, but I am spoiling things by revealing that the island also has leaches that turn people into zombies.

Don’t go in expecting quality near any other movie with jurassic in the titles and just have fun with the small budget. And hey, the poster art is pretty good. The effects, well, maybe they don’t live up to them.

This film is available on DVD and on VOD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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