Hatched (2021)

You know, if you’re going to bring dinosaurs back to life, make sure they don’t eat you and your wife. That’s the lesson that I learned from Hatched, which begins with Simon David (Thomas Loone, Clownface) hatching some giant retro beasts just in time for them to turn him and his partner Christine (Amanda-Jade Tyler) into a quick snack.

However, before all that dino dining, Simon also learned how to bring his son back from the dead. Again, I think we all know by now just how bad of an idea playing God is.

Scott Jeffrey wrote The Candy Witch and also directed HellKatClownDollBad Nun: Deadly Vows and plenty more lower-budget horror films. He made this with Rebecca Matthews, who he also made Cam Girls and Cannibal Troll with; she directed The Candy WitchPet Graveyard and Witches of Amityville. Jeffrey also produced Dinosaur Hotel, another low budget dinosaur movie about an underground game show that has dinosaurs hunt people for the pleasure of the elite.

It takes a lot of guts to make a dinosaur movie with limited funds. Luckily, this movie has some exciting scenes and plenty of soldiers battling scaly beasts, which is really what I’m usually looking for.

Hatched is available on demand and on DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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