SLASHER MONTH: Bloody Psycho (1989)

God bless you, Lucio Fulci. By 1989, things were so rough that you loaned your name to several movies that said that they were presented by you. Those five films — Bloody Psycho, Hansel e Gretel, Massacre, Sodoma’s Ghost and Touch of Death* — are all of varying qualities, but when they work, well — they work. They deliver what our basest instincts want in a Fulci film.

Directed by Leandro Lucchetti (who also wrote Vampire In Venice) from a script that he wrote with Giovanni Simonelli (the writer of the giallo The Crimes of the Black Cat and the director of Hansel e Gretel), it’s all about psychic Dr. Werner Vogler, who has come to a castle to heal the broken body of the lady of the house, who has a special relationship with her maid. And if you’ve seen enough Italian horror, you know exactly what I mean.

Somehow, the faith healing tai chi doctor ends up hooking up with the granddaughter of the crippled woman and they have without a doubt the most upsetting sex scene I’ve ever seen in which they pour liters upon liters of dairy products all over one another and scoop it out of one another’s mouths. Seriously, I must have watched this scene three times just to write how appalled I was by it.

There’s also a creepy doll, lots of dreams of murder and a corpse in a wheelchair. Then, this movie was pronounced dead and its best effects were packed in ice to later be transplanted into Cat in the Brain.

*You can add the television films Sweet House of Horrors and House of Clocks to this era of Fulci.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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