SLASHER MONTH: Offerings (1989)

Talk about cognitive dissonance. As I watched this in the basement in the middle of the night, Becca had fallen asleep to a marathon of the other Halloween movies, so that this film — which copies the Carpenter format down to a song that is near-identical to the theme that he wrote — would play music or a scene, I could hear the original coming down through the vents.

John Radley was abused by every kid and his mother, all of his animals died on him, his daddy gave him a name and then he walked away and then he falls down a well after a prank and gets sent to Oakhurst State mental hospital. Scarred and not in our reality any longer, John can no longer feel empathy or pain.

Now, he’s killing everyone who ever done him wrong, taking their body parts and offering them to the only person who ever treated him right, his childhood crush Gretchen. The fact that he’s doing that as toppings on the many pizzas he delivers to her makes this even more disturbing.

Offerings is my favorite Halloween sequel after Halloween 2 and Absurd.

Sadly, director and writer Christopher Reynolds only made one other movie, Lethal Justice.

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