Hansel e Gretel (1990)

Some think that because this is one of the better of the “Lucio Fulci presenta” films that The Godfather of Gore had something to do with it, perhaps co-directing alongside Giovanni Simonelli, who wrote Cat in the Brain for Fulci, as well as Jungle RaidersThe Ark of the Sun GodBloody Psycho (another Fulci presents), some of the Kommissar X movies, a few Sartana films and a movie Bava came in to save, Knives of the Avenger.

Massimiliano and Silvia Cipollone play Hansel and Gretel, who we meet as they’re being kidnapped, then placed on an operating table where their organs are harvested because this is an Italian movie, then confirming that yes, this is an Italian horror film by having them come back as ghosts that horrifically pick off everyone involves one by one.

The kids kill everyone in their path by just showing up, their eyes glowing and then the madness happens. It would almost be a murderdrone if it were in more capable directing hands — or less, maybe — and it has the same song repeating five times as an instrumental and thirteen times by the kids.

This is the counterpoint, I guess, to The Sweet House of Horrors, where children need protected by ghosts. Here, the kids just cut out the middle man and lead people to growing, self-inflicted gunshots and oven-related death, as well as one old lady getting her eye damaged, just so we know who is really in charge here.

Along with the aforementioned Bloody Psycho, Cat in the Brain has effects and kills from this movie and several other late period movies that took advantage of Lucio’s signature, such as Sodoma’s Ghost, Massacre, The Murder Secret and Touch of Death.

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