Tales of the Uncanny (2020)

Originally intended as an extra on The Theater Bizarre release, Tales of the Uncanny grew in scope over the lockdown that COVID-19 caused. Starting with Severin Films chief David Gregory and House Of Psychotic Women author Kier-La Janisse, there’s a huge cast of people ready to share their thoughts on the history of anthology horror, like Eli Roth, Joe Dante, Mark Hartley, Mick Garris, Ernest Dickerson, Joko Anwar, Brian Yuzna, Gary Sherman, Rebekah McKendry, Peter Strickland, Kim Newman, Jovanka Vuckovic, Luigi Cozzi, Tom Savini, Jenn Wexler, Larry Fessenden, Richard Stanley, Brian Trenchard-Smith, Ramsey Campbell and David DeCoteau.

The films covered are Eerie TalesWaxworksThe Living DeadDr. Terror’s House of HorrorsFlesh and FantasyDead of NightThree Cases of MurderTales of TerrorBlack SabbathTwice-Told TalesKwaidanDr. Terror’s House of HorrorsTorture GardenSpirits of the DeadThe House That Dripped BloodTales from the CryptAsylumThe Vault of HorrorFrom Beyond the GraveTrilogy of TerrorDead of NightThe Uncanny, The Monster ClubCreepshowScreamtimeTwilight Zone: The MovieNightmaresTales from the Third DimensionCat’s EyeNight Train to TerrorEscapesDeadtime StoriesCreepshow 2From a Whisper to a ScreamAfter MidnightTwo Evil EyesTales from the Dark Side: The MovieGrim Prairie TalesNecronomiconTales from the HoodFamily Portraits: A Trilogy of AmericaThree…ExtremeTrick ‘r TreatFear (s) of the DarkLittle DeathsThe Theater BizarreChilleramaV/H/SThe ABCs of DeathV/H/S/2ABCs of Death 2Barbarous MexicoGerman AngstBetamaxSouthboundTales of HalloweenHolidaysWorst FearsXXThe Field Guide to Evil and Nightmare Cinema.

Fans of anthology horror may not learn many new things, but it’s a great introduction to newcomers, particularly the Amicus section of the film. I’d advise watching this with subtitles, as some of the Skype interviews are a bit difficult to make out. Otherwise, a great package that comes complete with Eerie Tales and Unusual Tales. You can get it from Severin.

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