Screamtime (1983)

Screamtime goes from New York City — the wrapround story is about two guys stealing the videos that we’re about to watch — to London, which is kind of jarring, as the stories play out.

“That’s the Way to Do It” is about the personal pain of a Punch and Judy puppeteer whose stage and puppets have been set ablaze as those around him are killed.

“Dreamhouse” is so much a retelling of The Shining that the kid is named Danny. It’s about seeing dead people in a new house and those dead people are planning on creating even more death. This sequence has a really decent slasher feel.

Do You Believe in Fairies?” is about two older women being robbed — by Dollar vocalist David Van Day — yet their house is under the protection of fairies and gnomes.

This has two directors: Stanley Long is best known for making a few of the Adventures of… sex comedies, Sex Through the Ages and the STD education movie It Could Happen to You. He’s joined by another director you may know better, Michael Armstrong, who wrote Horror HouseHouse of the Long Shadows and Mark of the Devil, which he also directed.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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