After Midnight (1989)

In a class called The Psychology of Fear, Allison and Cheryl (Pamela Segall, the voice of Bobby Hill!) learn all about being scared by Professor Edward Derek, who teaches class with a loaded revolver that causes a jock to wet himself. The college shuts him down after that, but he still offers private lessons in his home where he tells his students three stories all about being frightened.

So begins After Midnight, an anthology movie directed by Ken and Jim Wheat, who also wrote The Silent ScreamA Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master and Pitch Black and directed Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.

In “The Old Dark House,” Kevin (Marc McClure) and Joan (Nadine van der Velde, Critters) are separated inside a haunted house but there’s a surprise for, well, both of them. “A Night on the Town” has four women battling a deranged gas station attendant with a pack of trained dogs ready to kill for their master. “All Night Operator” has Alex (Marg Helgenberger) taking calls for a woman who is being stalked before the caller* turns his attention on her.

After these tales, we’re back in the home of the professor, who is attacked by the disgraced athlete before he turns the tables on the man and murders him with an axe. His entire house becomes a literal hell on earth, dragging everyone into the flames before Allison wakes up in his class all over again.

After Midnight didn’t have many fans when it came out, but like I enjoy horror anthologies. Obviously, I’m doing an entire week of them. There are some big shocks in this and it goes to some interesting places, even if the wrapup is kind of an easy ending.

*He’s played by Alan Rosenberg, her real-life husband.

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