Nightmares (1980)

If you are in a 1980’s slasher movie and have kids, never let them see you have sex. Chances are, you are either going to die or they are going to grow up to be complete maniacs. Possibly both!

Cathy (Jenny Neumann, Hell Night) is one of those kids. When she was little, she caught her mom having sex in a really weird position that didn’t look plausible. And then, her mom’s boyfriend was making out with her while they drove in the car. She tried to get them to stop. However, she caused her mother’s death in a car crash, with a piece of glass ending up in her throat.

Sixten years later and Cathy has become Helen. She’s an actress in a play called Comedy of Blood, but everyone keeps getting killed with shards of glass. There’s no real guesswork here — you can pretty much figure out the killer from the first few moments of the movie.

All I have to recommend this movie on is that Brian May did the soundtrack and that it is also called Stagefright, but you’d be much better off watching the Soavi film of the same name. It’s so much better that at the end of this movie, I kept wondering, “Why am I not watching the real Stagefright?”

That said — it’s on Shudder.

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