Eerie Tales (1919)

Unheimliche Geschichten was made by Richard Oswald, the director of a hundred or more movies, including the 1917 adaption of The Picture of Dorian Gray.

This definitely has an interesting connecting story, as a demon, a reaper and the ghost of a prostitute read several short stories. Yes, Death, the Devil and the Harlot literally step out of a painting in a bookstore to start the movie.

“The Apparition” — based on the story by Anselm Heine — tells the story of a man (Conrad Viedt, who also plays Death) checking into a hotel with a woman (Anita Berber, who is the Harlot) who vanishes. No one will admit that she was ever there, nealry driving the man insane. In “The Hand,” based on the Robert Liebmann tale, two men — Veidt and Reinhold Schünzel, who plays the devil — engage in a duel that continues past one man’s death. “The Black Cat” is the Poe story, with Schunzel murdering his wife (Berber) and walling her up. In the film’s take on Robert Lewis Stevenson’s “The Suicide Club,” a detective tracks down a secret society just as they pick him as their next victim. Finally, “The Spectre,” written by Oswald, is about a rich man (Veidt) who pushes his wife (Berber) into an affair.

At one a.m., Death, the Devil and the Harlot return back to their respect paintings, ending Eerie Tales.

You can get this movie as part of Severin’s Tales of the Uncanny.

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