3 A.M. (2012)

Made in Thailand by directors Patchanon Tummajira, Kirati Nakintanon and Isara Nadee, this film takes its title from the time that the supernatural happens.

In “The Wig,” sisters May and Mint are running the family wig business while their parents travel. They unknowingly buy the hair of a dead woman whose spirit begins to haunt May as she makes it into a new hairpiece. Meanwhile, Mint’s friends are acting up and are all killed by the ghost in various ways, including a harrowing scene where one of their heads has been moved to the wig shelf. For some reason, this section totally hit all of the right notes with me.

The “Corpse Bride” presents a mortician willing to aardvark the dead to save them from an abusive ghost in the afterlife. I mean, I guess that’s what he was trying to do, but it turns out that the dead woman isn’t the angel that she seems to be, no matter how gorgeous her corpse is.

In “O.T.,” two bosses delight in playing pranks on their employees involving fake ghosts, but when they go too far and two of their workforce die…well perhaps they shouldn’t have ever gotten on that elevator.

This movie was successful and had two sequels, 3 AM: Part 2 and 3 AM: Part 3, which also is known as Aftershock. I assume that this movie would have been much more frightening if I saw it in 3D, as it played in theaters with that technology.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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