Philippine War Week: The Expendables (1988)

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our final review for our first “Philippine War Week,” in which we reviewed 24 flicks. Yes, we said “first” because we’ll be back during the first week of December with 24 more. To populate a complete list of all of our reviews, click here.

Cirio H. Santiago is kinda royalty around these parts, what with his involvement in movies like TNT JacksonVampire Hookers, FirecrackerStrykerWheels of Fire, The SisterhoodDune Warriors and so many more movies.

Here, he takes the Dirty Dozen to Vietnam by way of the Philippines and hey look, there’s Vic Diaz!

Well, it all starts with Captain Rosello (Anthony Finetti) taking a platoon into combat but nearly everyone dying. In fact, no one wants to be in his command as nearly everyone dies under his watch. So they assign him the scumbags and misfits stuck in Nam as his next group of sacrificial lambs and, of course, none of them get along.

This team is hard-wired to not get along, what with a racist named Richter being forced to work alongside a black demolition expert, all while one is a pothead, one is the requisite mysterious Native American and the other one is obsessed with God and says stuff like, “Thy will be done. In Vietnam as it is in Heaven.”

They capture Vic Diaz, lose a member and then bond at a brothel, which lands them in the brig, during which they get their big mission: they have to free their commanding officer and some nurses from NAV forces.

Trust me, not everyone is coming back alive.

Also released as Full Battle Gear, this movie blows up more huts than any other film you’ll see made in any other country. Plus, Don “The Dragon” Wilson shows up!

You can watch this on YouTube.

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