Hallucination Generation (1966)

“You will experience every jolt…every jar of a Psychedelic Circus…The Beatniks…Sickniks…and Acid-Heads…and you will witness their ecstasies, their agonies and their bizarre sensualities…You will be hurled into their debauched dreams and frenzied fantasies!”

Hallucination Generation is pure exploitation, because it at once wants to be a warning of the dangers of pill popping while also luridly showing the drug experience, even breaking the black and white normal world for the color burst of LSD using the langauge of film that we’ve all taken from The Wizard of Oz, in that the color world is so much better than monochromatic Kansas.

Ibiza is also a place that I’ve learned from films like this and More is a den of scum and villainy, a region where rich kids come to get hooked and enter lives of crime to pay for their need to stay high.

This was released by American-International Pictures subsidiary Trans American Pictures, which AIP used to put out the scuzzy films that were too out there for them to release. Look back on that sentence and think about it: movies too messed up for AIP. I’m talking flms like Cannibal HolocaustSalon Kitty, Jess Franco’s SuccubusI Am a GroupieWitchcraft ’70, Teenage Rebellion and more.

Director Edward Mann wrote Island of Terror, Cauldron of BloodThe Freakmaker and Seizure, while directing Hot Pants HolidayWho Says I Can’t Ride a Rainbow! and Hooch. He’s one of those all over the place artists, as he also did the special effects on this movie, contributed the song “There’s a Certain Kind of Woman” to Cauldron of Blood, was a syndicated cartoonist, co-founded New York City’s Circle in the Square and was one of the forces that made Woodstock a cultural center.

Perhaps even more interesting to genre film fans is that one of the drug addicts, Bill, is played by Danny Steinmann. Yes, the same Danny Steinmann who would go on to make The UnseenSavage Streets and Friday the 13th: A New Beginning!

Did everyone involved with this movie go on to to be connected to movies I’m obsessed with? Actress Marianne Kanter would go from acting to producing and the two films she did are Blood Rage and Dark August, two dark and scuzzy films that I adore.

Renate Kasché was in everything from Emanuelle in America to Frankenstein ’80Lady Frankenstein and A Black Veil for Lisa. Tom Baker — not Dr. Who — would direct Bongo Wolf’s Revenge, which features the Los Angeles fringe eccentric cult figure as he gives a lecture on vampires and prehistoric man. It has Mike Bloomfield  — who played on Dylan’s albums — and Severn Darden playing themselves and Alan White from Yes as an art critic. You better believe I’m hunting it down.

There’s also T.J. Castronovo, who would go on to produce Tales from the Darkside and Spanish character actor Victor Israel, who was in so many movies like The Good, the Bad and the UglyThe House That ScreamedGraveyard of HorrorRiccoHorror ExpressHell of the Living Dead. He had 211 credits to his name, so he shows up in a ton of stuff.

This is why I watch movies, because even if they aren’t good, like this one, you can go down a rabbit hole discovering something better because of the people who appear in it.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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