Jigsaw (1968)

Look, if you wake up from a trip and you find a girl dead in the bathtub, you should probably not hire a detective and trip out all over again.

A remake of 1965’s Mirage with a drug angle, this movie finds Bradford Dillman as Jonathan Fields as the man who has woken up to find that dead body in the bathwater and bloody hands. He hired a detective named Arthur Belding (Harry Guardino, Rollercoaster) to discover the truth.

Meanwhile, the truth lies with the scientific think tank where Fields works, where a romantic entanglement and the need to succeed has led to a double homicide.

Look for Diana Hyland, who began dating John Travolta after playing his mother in The Boy in the Plastic Bubble*, as well as Hope Lange (TV’s The Ghost & Mrs. Muir), Pay Hingle (Commissioner Gordon from the Burton Batman movies), Michael J. Pollard (Bonnie and Clyde) and Victor Jory, who was the voice on so many Peter Pan Records.

Director James Goldstone would go on to make RollercoasterThey Only Kill Their Masters and When Time Ran Out, a late in the game disaster movie. Strangely, this was due to be a TV movie, but NBC refused to air it. Universal released it in theaters and a year later, NBC ended up airing it anyway.

*She sadly died of breast cancer the following year and Travolta remained with her until the end.

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