The Love Statue (1965)

Five years before David Durston* would make one of the greatest drug freakout movies of all time, I Drink Your Blood — the movie where I learned that “Satan was an acid head” — he used the name Richard Kent to make this LSD-laced film.

Greenwich Village painter Tyler Westin is in love with a cabaret dancer named Lisa, who treats him like dirt. But then a lounge singer named Mashiko (Choko Tsukuba, who was in Kaitei Kara Kita Onna as a fishwoman before producing all of the Piranha movies!) turns him on to LSD and he comes back to his place to find his ladylove dead and soon believes that drugs can bring one of his sculptures to life to make love to him (played by Gigi Darlene, Frenchy from White Slaves of Chinatown).

Charitably, this movie is a mess, but hey — it has a great poster and lots of weird trivia behind it, like how Durston took LSD under a doctor’s supervision to ensure that this movie was accurate and that it was originally called The Love Drug but couldn’t be advertised under that title.

You can download this from the Internet Archive.

*He also used the stage name Spencer Logan when he made the Jamie Gillis and Zebedy Colt-starring Manhole and the Michael Hardwick film Boy ‘Napped.

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