Ten Bigfoot films

I love Bigfoot so I was really excited when my friend Jennifer Upton suggested this next top ten list. Whether you call him Sasquatch, skunk ape or abominable snowman, there are plenty of names. And at least ten films that feature him as a protagonist.

1. The Legend of Bigfoot (1976): A movie so weird we reviewed it twice on our site, this film follows Ivan Marx, a self-proclaimed Bigfoot expert as he hunts the creature. He comes across as the Earl Warren of the Bigfoot world, wildly rambling about his insane journeys across the US. It’s captivating.

2. The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972): Charles B. Pierce was the master of deep south true life crazy films like The Town That Dreaded Sundown. Here, he gets people who really met the Folke Monster and have them reenact their nightmarish experiences. There’s no other Bigfoot movie quite like this one and there never will be.

3. Night of the Demon (1980): I’ll admit it: I love this ramshackle piece of shit movie more than just about any other one on this list. From the ad copy of “those horror stories that you heard about the forest…they’re all true!” to the deranged ending where Bigfoot becomes the best slasher villain ever and murders almost every character in the movie in excruciating detail, this nonsensical film has my heart. I mean, Bigfoot literally rips a guy’s dick off.

4. Harry and the Hendersons (1987): If the murderous Bigfoot in the film above is too much, there’s always the happy go lucky Henry who lives with the Hendersons. Rick Baker’s makeup created a creature that was close to humanity while still having its own monstrous side.

5. Curse of Bigfoot (1975): When people ask me what the worst movie that I’ve ever seen is, this is the one I should mention. It’s not even a full movie, barely clocking in at around an hour and made up mostly of footage a completely different movie — a student film made in 1958 called Teenagers Battle the Thing — which is about a mummy. Not even Bigfoot.

6. Bigfoot (1970): John Carradine, bikers, Joi Lansing, Haji from the Russ Myer movies and one crazy soundtrack. That’s all the nice things I have to say about this movie. But hey — it does have Bigfoot getting blown up real good!

7. Cry Wilderness (1987): What if the team that made Night Train to Terror made a Bigfoot movie? How weird would it get? The answers to those two questions are they totally did and it’s totally fucking insane, packed with B-roll footage, Native American mysticism and a visible zipper on the Bigfoot suit.

8. Snowbeast (1977): In the same way that Jaws was ripped off and turned into Grizzly, this made-for-TV movie posits Bigfoot attacking a ski resort. Also, for some reason, the monster decides to interrupt a pageant rehearsal. I have no idea why.

9. The Mysterious Monsters (1975): There are plenty of movies that use the Patterson-Gimlin footage (you can read all about it in the book The Weirdest Movie Ever Made by Phil Hall), but how many have Peter Graves utterly bullshitting you from the moment the movie begins? Just one. This is it.

Every time I post one of these lists, I get bombarded by people who have favorites that I missed. So hey — share them in the comments. I try to keep these to ten movies and there have been a ton of Bigfoot movies. I left out Creature from Black Lake, 2002’s Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce starring Bigfoot, the Paul Naschy film The Werewolf and the Yeti, 2015’s Bigfoot: The Movie which was shot in my hometown and A Wish for Giants, where Bigfoot grants a Make A Wish request. Then there’s the recently released The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot, Abominable, ExistsSmallfootWillow CreekStrange WildernessSuburban SasquatchLetters from the Big Man, two Boggy Creek sequels, American Bigfoot (the second Bobcat Goldthwait directed Bigfoot movie in this paragraph) and so many more. So it was hard to pick the final movie.

10. Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper (2014): This isn’t so much a Bigfoot movie as it is a beefcake exhibition of shirtless young men as they explore their bodies, themselves and then death as Bigfoot comes for each of them. Oh yeah — D.B. Cooper, the voices of Eric Roberts and Linnea Quigley and some poorly made CGI stock footage all come into play. Truly for only the most insane of Bigfoot movie lovers.

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