The Wild Pussycat (1968)

The Wild Pussycat is an unsung classic of exploitation cinema. Originally made in 1968, it wasn’t released for four years and then only in a censored version.

It’s a simple story: Good girl Nadia investigates the death of her sister, who was exploited and driven to suicide by her pimp. Now, she seduces the man, drugs him, then imprisons him in a hidden room that has a one-way mirror. On the other side, she continues her seduction by dancing for him and having affairs with other men and women while he can only look on.

Sure, The Wild Pussycat has rough subject matter, but it wasn’t a porno throwaway. Its director, Dimi Dadiras, directed more than fifty other films and its star Gisela Dali was known as the Greek Bardot.

This is another example of Mondo Macabro stretching out and grabbing films that most people would never know of. This film has never been released anywhere in the world on home video before now. This release includes both the 1972 Greek version (with much of the sex removed and a drug-dealing subplot inserted) uncut export version.

Joe D’Amato and Bruno Mattei would remake this movie in 1975 as Emanuelle’s Revenge, with George Eastman playing the role of the pimp.

As always, Mondo Macabro has put together an amazing release, finding something I didn’t even know was out there, making it look better than it ever has before and adding bonus features on top of all that. They’re putting out some astounding releases and deserve your full support.

You can get this on a double blu ray disc along with The Deserter from Mondo Macabro.

NOTE: This film was sent to us by Mondo Macabro, but that has no bearing on this review.

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