BIGFOOT WEEK: The Werewolf and the Yeti (1975)

Let’s step away from Bigfoot to speak on werewolves. Specifically, a werewolf named Count Waldemar Daninsky. Over twelve movies, his origins have changed as many times as his films have alternate titles. Here, in the eighth film in the series (also known as The Curse of the BeastNight of the Howling Beast and Hall of the Mountain King), Waldemar becomes a werewolf when he’s bitten by not only one, but two vampire woman.

Wait — a vampire can turn you into a werewolf? And how does a yeti get involved? Oh man, welcome to the fever dream that is a Paul Naschy film.

Waldemar Daninsky is in Tibet looking for the legendary yeti when those two vampire women we alluded to before capture him and keep him in their cave. While they’re having sex with him and biting him and making him a werewolf (which seems to be the best way to be transformed), his friends are being captured and tortured by Tibetan pirates.

With eight minutes left in the movie, Waldemar becomes a werewolf and battles a yeti one on one. By the time I got that far — keep in mind I was at a drive-in — I was so inebriated that I was in and out of consciousness. Or perhaps this film is that strange, seeing as how it’s filled with skin being ripped off people’s backs, neon glowing caves, nudity, rituals and stock footage. In short, it’s great.

You’ll find this movie — in way better quality than the night I saw it — in the Paul Naschy Collection volume 2 from Shout! Factory.

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