BIGFOOT WEEK: Bigfoot: The Movie (2015)

A lot of this review won’t make sense if you aren’t from Western Pennsylvania.

Becca was born near Detroit, so she doesn’t always get a lot of Pittsburgh. There’s the yinzer accent. The strange customs. And when we were in line at Kennywood to ride the Thunderbolt the other night, she didn’t get the palpable excitement that everyone else felt when Donnie Iris’ “Love is Like a Rock” blared over the speakers.

Sure, this song may have only reached #37 on Billboard’s Hot 100 way back in 1981 (and was covered by Slade too!), but here in Pittsburgh, it’s probably in the top three songs of all time. We may have a strange love for the Styx’s “Renegade,” despite them being from Chicago.

I’m telling you all this because Bigfoot: The Movie opens with a bunch of guys screaming out the lyrics to “Love Is Like a Rock” while cruising down the two-lane blacktop of my hometown, Ellwood City, PA. Yep. Bigfoot is on the loose and he’s haunting the bars that I used to sneak into underage.

Seriously, most of this movie is set in bars like the Hazel Manor, The Shelby and The Oak Grove Inn. This may mean nothing to the folks streaming this movie on Amazon Prime, but it’s incredibly strange for me to see the place I sang my first time in public or the 7-11 I used to skateboard to show up in a horror movie.

Another fact that non-Pittsburgh folks may miss out on is that this movie stars Curt Wooton, who is better known here as the viral star of Pittsburgh Dad. It’s hard to describe our mishmash non-word language of Yinzer to those that are outside our mountainous walls, but Wooton has made a career of this character. Here, he plays Chuck, one of the guys who wants revenge on Bigfoot.

Turns out that the Mayor has one under wraps and it keeps getting out to kill people, like the best friend of Chuck, Burl and Dale. This is as much as drinking buddy film as it is a Bigfoot movie as it is a homage to Jaws.

You also get cameos by Pittsburgh comedians Jim Krenn, Terry Jones, Bill Crawford and Aaron Kleiber, as well as other Burgh celebs like news anchor Darieth Chisolm and actresses Brenna Lee Roth and America’s Next Top Model contender Joanie Dodds as the lead girl Kate, who proves that she can drink and shoot as well as the boys. And director Jared Show grew up and went to school in Ellwood City, so you pretty much will get an unvarnished look at the siding covered houses filled with nic nacs and country looking streets of where I spent my formative years.

Back to how this all began — if you aren’t from here, much of the humor may fall flat. If you are, you’re probably going to love it. After all, it has Donny’s music in it n’at.

You can watch the film on Amazon Prime or check out the official site.

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