BIGFOOT WEEK: Bigfoot (2012)

A remake of 1970’s Bigfoot, this is a Sci-Fi and Asylum co-production that first aired on June 30, 2012. Throughout the film, depending on how you’ll feel about the way these guys make movies, you’ll hate the humor and bad CGI. Or you’ll love it. Most people aren’t in the middle.

Harley Henderson (Danny Bonaduce) is a DJ in Deadwood, South Dakota who is planning an 80’s reunion concert, which features his old bandmate Simon Quint (Brady Bunch star Barry Williams), Alice Cooper and Sting (who is stuck at the airport). The loud music awakens the beast, who is much larger than you’ve ever expected him to be, as well as looking like a boss from a PS2-era video game.

Bigfoot decides to go wild on the show, killing numerous people including, presumably, Alice Cooper and the kid wearing a Bigfoot costume.

In the days following the attack, Harley wants to kill Bigfoot and get the body to make money for the town while Quint wants to rescue the creature. After battling back and forth, the two rivals come together to battle Bigfoot on Mount Rushmore, along with the help of Sheriff Alvarez (Twin Peaks star Sherilyn Fenn) and her partner Anderson (Bruce Davison, who also directed this).

Can Bigfoot be stopped? Will anyone survive? Will Mount Rushmore be decimated? Will you be surprised that Howard Hesseman is in this as the mayor? I can’t answer all of these questions for you. But I can point you to Amazon Prime, where you can watch this with a subscription.

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