Liberty and Bash (1989)

Liberty (Mile O’Keefe)  and Bash (Lou Ferrigno) once were in the service and fought in Central America along with Jesse (Richard Eden). They’re trying to keep young people out of the drug trade and off the streets, but they can’t even keep Jesse from getting all mixed up and killed. That means it’s time for a new war. A war on the streets of America.

Reading this paragraph and thinking that Ator and Hercules are teaming up, well, you might think that this movie is going to be awesome.

I wish I could report that it was.

This is the second time that Myrl A. Schreibman has done this to me. His film Angel of H.E.A.T. figured out a way to make a spy movie with Marilyn Chambers and Mary Woronov boring.

The people that wrote it came from such disparate roles in the movie business. Monica Clemens produced two other movies, The Last Ride and Cop-Out; Douglas Forsmith was in the art department for films like CommandoCobraSt. Elmo’s FireMemorial Valley Massacre and Hunter’s Blood and also worked as the assistant property master on Exorcist II: The Heretic; and Tina Plackinger appeared in roles that called for athletic women, such as health club woman #1 in Armed and Dangerous, working out in The BodySculpture System and as the harem mistress in Wizards of the Demon Sword.

Liberty also has a girlfriend who barely likes him, Sarah (Mitzi Kapture, Silk Stalkings) and when she gets pregnant, they spend a lot of the movie talking about abortion.

I wanted to see Miles and Lou beating up perps not a long talk about choice.

I mean, you have two guys who are more known for action than acting and you make them act.

Myrl A. Schreibman, you have done it again. And by it, I mean fuck it up.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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