Hunter’s Blood (1986)

Hickspoitation is a genre I don’t get into all that much, but this is a fine example of it and feels like going down to the river (I almost wrote going down river, because Western Pennsylvania language eats all the verbs and connective words).

Look, if you have a girlfriend as hot as Kim Delaney willing to have sex with you at 4 AM and then let you go hunting, you should just skip the outdoors and stay in bed with her. Or the shower. Or anywhere she wants to go.

But yeah. David Rand (Sam Bottoms) leaves Melanie (Delaney) at home and heads off to get a buck with his dad (Clu Gulager), his dad’s best friend Big Al (Ken Swofford), Al’s brother Ralph (Mayf Nutter) and Marty (Joey Travolta). Every single one of them other than dad — Mason is his name — is a complete idiot. I mean, why would you drive to the woods that you own and then anger the people all around you, the people that have to live there and already resent you?

People like Charles Cyphers, Bruce Glover, Billy Bob Thornton and Micky Jones, all looking like they just want you to screw up so they can set you straight. Of course, the men from the civilized world will have to become uncivilized, as always occurs in these movies.

Director Robert Hughes also made Memorial Valley Massacre, while writer Emmett Alston would also create the script for Three-Way WeekendNine Deaths of the Ninja (which he also directed) and New Year’s Evil. This movie was based on a novel by Jere Cunningham, who also wrote Judgement Night, which is pretty much the same idea as this except in the inner city.

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