To the Moon (2021)

Filmmaker Dennis (director and writer Scott Friend) and figure skater Mia (Madeleine Morgenweck) are trying to enjoy a healing weekend when Dennis’ brother Roger (Will Brill) shows up and takes them on a hallucinatory journey that won’t end well for anyone.

I really can’t do justice to the elaborate push and pull between Dennis and Mia that happens in this movie and how their past comes slowly to light. There are so many things that have happened between them; addiction, a lost child and promises that have been broken. At this point, an accident skating has cost Mia her ability to stand on one foot. The relationship with Dennis may have taken even more.

Mia thinks that Roger could save their relationship. Dennis believes that his brother just wants to ruin his life. Yet David is also detoxing from a lifetime of drug use, so he is not a reliable narrator in any way. He has waking nightmares. And Roger isn’t to be trusted either. Oh yeah — there’s also a monk who keeps appearing in the woods.

This is a quick film, a deep one and a movie that does more with three characters than most movies do with a cast of thousands.

To the Moon is now available on VOD from 1091.

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