APRIL MOVIE THON 2: Search and Destroy (1979)

April 8: Film Ventures International — Share a movie that was released by Edward Montoro’s company. Here’s a list!

Members of an Army unit that served in Vietnam are turning up dead in Los Angeles and Niagara Falls. Ex-Colonel Kip Moore (Perry King, man, I’m way behind in saying that King was in some awesome stuff, but come on — MandingoBad, The Possession of Joel DelaneyLipstickClass of 1984The Clairvoyant — let’s all recognize him for his genre stuff!) is trying to figure out who it is after his friend Buddy Grant (Don Stroud) is shot and left paralyzed.

The cops, however, think that Moore is the killer. The real killer turns out to be a man with one black glove and missing fingers, so…is this a giallo? Well, Kip has to investigate the killings himself. And seeing how vets came back from Vietnam feeling like strangers in a strange land, not to mention Tisa Farrow is in the cast which lends a bit of Italian feel to this, I’d say it’s really close but it’s more action than psychosexual murder movie.

As for the cops, George Kennedy leads them, but come on. We all know that Kip is going to be the one to solve the case.

Director William Fruet worked with Stroud on Death Weekend and went on to make SpasmsFuneral HomeBaker County, U.S.A.Killer PartyBedroom Eyes and Blue Monkey.

If you wanted to go to Niagra Falls in 1979 and never did, just watch this movie. You’ll get to see all the tourist spots. Also: I will watch anything with Tisa in it.

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